Our goal is to bring together 100+ awesome kids from Estevan and area, who care about making a difference in our local communities.  We want our kids to learn how to strengthen community by supporting worthy causes.  We want them to know that no matter their age, gender or amount of money in their piggy bank, kids can make an impact on the world around them!  AND, we want our kids to feel empowered when they donate their hard earned money to a charity that kids have chosen and voted for!  How cool is it to be part of a group of KIDS deciding where $1000 will make a difference in Estevan!

Here are the details:

  • Kid-members commit to 4 meetings per year (aiming for Sept, Dec, March and June)
  • Kid-Members donate $10 at each meeting and 100% of their donation is given to charity.
  • Each kid member has the option to nominate a charity when they register (nominations must be received at least a week prior to the event).
  • 3 charities will be randomly selected and the kid who nominated them will be asked to speak about this charity of choice for 1-2 minutes at the meeting.  Parents are encouraged to help their kid (s) prepare but it’s our preferencethat the kids do the presentation to their peers – it’s a great learning opportunity!
  • Kid-members will vote for the charity they would like to support (parents can help explain each charity to their children and help them make their vote but we would like it to be their choice).
  • Majority rule – the charity with the most votes will receive the collective donation of $1000 (or more)!
  • Kids are encouraged to earn the $10 if possible (ie. chores, allowance, taking in bottles, selling some stuff, birthday money etc.)
  • The $10 must be in the form of bills, no coins please.
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