How all this came about.


Meet our team. Mandy, Brooke and Erin all have a passion to be involved in their community and their kid’s school.  And they want their kids (all of OUR kids, really) to be inspired to give back time, empathy….and a little bit of cash to their community!

The path to 100 Kids Who Care Estevan is a path that took many turns, never knowing what the final destination was going to be…….until we arrived. Have you been that parent thinking “Ugh! Another birthday party already? My kid(s) need NOTHING!! Where are we going to put more toys that just collect dust?” Right? We’ve all felt it. A few times we have even encouraged our kids to as for money in lieu of toys and gifts and have chosen a charity to give back to locally. The smile on their faces was priceless!!! They felt SO GOOD!!!

This is how we started teaching our kids to give back to the community….and then we heard about the Calgary chapter of 100 Kids Who Care started by one of Mandy’s friends.  We thought it would be a great idea to start something for OUR kids!  We did a bit of online research and were excited to see there are several 100 Kids Who Care chapters across Canada!  So…we didn’t invent the idea…we just decided to start a chapter of 100 Kids Who Care in Estevan.

The intention of 100 Kids tis to show that giving back comes from the willingness to help and that ANYONE can contribute, regardless of age, gender or net worth. We want to inspire the next generation of philanthropists by providing a forum to help give back and contribute to our local charities. Not to mention learning important, life-long skills like public speaking (if they so choose) as well as the democratic process and how their voice can also make a difference.

Help us show our kids that giving can be fun!

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