When should my kid be there?

The meeting will officially  kick off  at 6:00pm with a plan to wrap up by 7:00pm.  That said, the doors will open at 5:30pm so we can register the kids and they can spend some time mingling (or hovering around you).

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What if my kid(s) cannot attend an event?

Say it isn’t so!  We hope all of our committed 100 Kids can join us but, since we have kids of our own, we also know that sometimes other things just pop up.  So, if your kid cannot attend one of our awesome meetings, they are welcome to send $10 with a friend or send another cool kid in their place!  Keep in mind that only members who are in attendance at the meeting will be eligible to vote (so sign ’em up)!

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5. My Kid is signed up but I would like to cancel.
  1. Please don’t do that!  We want to meet your kid and see 100+ KIDS from YXE change our community!  Is there anything we can do to help?  We’ll try our best but if you must, please let us know your details here by contacting us at the link below.
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What do we need to bring?

As a parent, you need to bring the stars of the show – your kid(s)!  Any kid over the age of 12 can be dropped off at the venue and be responsible for themselves.  But those smiling faces 5-11 must have a parent in tow.  Each kid will also need $10 in cash to add to the bucket of cash (and unless you want to volunteer to count change, please bring bills only)!

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Can we bring a friend to the meeting?

Of course you can!  We would love to meet more cool kids and more kids=more money and the greater the donation for our community!  That said, in order for your friend to vote they will have to complete a commitment form online before the meeting (so sign ’em up).

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If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to tell us how awesome these kids are contact us.  We’d love to hear from you…and your kids!
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